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Digital Archiving: Secure, Cross-Platform, Legally Compliant and Great Value for Money

The ecoDMS electronic document archive ensures long-term, secure, legally compliant data storage in a central archive. Modern Web Client The ecoDMS software has been renowned for many years as the electronic document archive for long-term, legally compliant storage of all files and data. At the low-cost license price of 89 Euro incl. 19% VAT per … Weiterlesen »


Full Archiving Solution with Calculable Support and all Version Updates

The full „ecoDMS One“ package contains all ecoDMS archiving systems, upgrades and support for the entire license period. ecoDMS One offers businesses all they need for archiving documents and emails. Aachen, July 2018. The archiving systems from ecoDMS GmbH are known to be the lowest cost and most popular software solutions on the document and … Weiterlesen »


Secure Mobile and PC-Based File Archiving and Management

Scanning, archiving, managing all files and data in a revision-secure document archive. ecoDMS Archive significantly optimises document archiving and management. Aachen, March 2017. The ecoDMS software from Aachen is said to be the cheapest and most popular archiving system for scanning, archiving, managing and retrieving any types of files and data. The installation, setup and … Weiterlesen »


Legally Compliant and Revision-Secure Document Archiving

Legally-compliant and revision-secure archiving of files and information with the electronic document archive. ecoDMS is one of the great success projects of the renowned applord group. Aachen, January 2017. The archiving system with the lowest price worldwide comes from Aachen. The ecoDMS software is considered to be the standard for long-term, revision-secure document archiving. ecoDMS … Weiterlesen »


Revision-Secure Archiving of Documents, E-Mails and Files

With the cross-platform ecoDMS software users can store, manage and quickly retrieve documents and files in a central digital archive in a way that is revision-secure. ecoDMS fulfils the technical requirements for revision-secure document archiving. Aachen, Germany, November 2016. The ecoDMS software from Aachen is the best proof for simple, user-friendly, cross-platform and good value … Weiterlesen »


Secure document archive in the cloud – from Saperion

fileNshare from Saperion „fileNshare“ from Saperion gives users the ability to create and view documents, release them to other people for joint editing, and archive data for legal compliance. The service is accessible from any location with Internet access. Saperion stores the data in secure data centers in the cloud. The data are synchronized locally … Weiterlesen »


New Mobile Online Archive from SAPERION

\“SAPERION ECM Together” enables mobile access to archived documents. The new „SAPERION ECM Together“ document archive gives users the ability to create, view, share, and jointly edit documents. Yet the company that owns the archive maintains complete control over the information at all times. Access to the service requires only a PC, tablet, or smartphone … Weiterlesen »