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IT Security most important technology trend 2018 in Germany

Bitkom survey among ITC companies shows top technology and market trends of the year. Cloud Computing and Internet of Things take positions two and three. Germany remains exciting and developing market to invest in. Top 10 High Tech Trends 2018 Villingen-Schwenningen (D), March 30th 2018 – For digital companies, IT security remains the most relevant … Weiterlesen »


German market for apps is still growing

1.5 bn Euros mark has been broken for the first time in 2017 and according to Bitkom the boom still continues. Go-to-market experts recommend smart entry to the German app and software market. German app market is still on the rise. Villingen-Schwenningen (D), January 31st 2018 – The German market for apps for smartphones and … Weiterlesen »


German ITC market remains on a growth path

Bitkom expects a total turnover of 160 billion Euro in 2016 for the ITC market. The lack of professional employees remains a problem of the industry. bloodsugarmagic offers its services and a webcast to help foreign companies entering the market. German IT market is further on the rise. Villingen-Schwenningen (D), March 30th 2016 – Based … Weiterlesen »


Bitkom raises growth forecast for German IT market

German IT market is further on the rise and one of the most exciting markets in Europe. Foreign companies specialized in IT security and on IoT platforms can profit from this positive trend when they enter the market now. Villingen-Schwenningen (D), November 4th 2015 – The German ICT market is further on the rise – … Weiterlesen »


Switzerland will be Partner Country at CeBIT 2016

After the abolition of the minimum rate of the Euro the country is facing new challenges. bloodsugarmagic helps foreign IT companies to gain a foothold in the Swiss market. Switzerland remains an attractive ICT market in spite of several challenges. Villingen-Schwenningen (D), September 8th 2015 – With Switzerland a partner country presents itself at CeBIT … Weiterlesen »


ECM remains hot topic in Germany

Companies see ECM solutions for mobile devices and digital files as top trends of the branch. Only 4 out of 10 enterprises use ECM company-wide. This is a huge opportunity for new vendors, says bloodsugarmagic. Most companies use ECM not as a company wide strategy but for single departments. Villingen-Schwenningen (D), April 28th 2015 – … Weiterlesen »


German IT firms search for Nearshore and Offshore Partners

One out of four German IT firms already use European or worldwide partners to fulfill services and projects in Germany. Lack of skilled local personnel offers great opportunities for near- and offshoring models. More and more German IT companies are looking for foreign partners. Villingen-Schwenningen (D), February 23, 2015 – More and more IT projects … Weiterlesen »


Demand of skilled workers offers chances for market entry

Every second IT company sees the shortage of qualified staff as hindering for the development of their business. This is a good time to enter the German market as an IT services company from a neighboring country, says bloodsugarmagic. Villingen-Schwenningen (D), Februar 20, 2015 – The lack of skilled personnel in the IT sector is … Weiterlesen »


German IT companies optimistic just before CeBIT

IT service providers and software vendors are especially confident. 85 percent of ICT companies are expecting rising sales in 2015. Even more are happy with the domestic demand. Villingen-Schwenningen (D), Februar 12, 2015 – Just before the CeBIT 2015, the mood among enterprises in the IT industry is very good and confident. This is the … Weiterlesen »


bloodsugarmagic joins the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce

The high demand of skilled IT personnel and the booming software market in Germany create great opportunities for Indian IT companies to enter the German market. bloodsugarmagic joins the Indo-German Chamber of Commerce to help Indian companies comin bloodsugarmagic helps Indian companies coming to Germany Villingen-Schwenningen (D), October 17, 2014- bloodsugarmagic is now a member … Weiterlesen »