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VIA stattet Geschäftspartner Formosa Sumco Technology (FST) mit innovativer KI-Technologie aus

FST steigert dank Bildererkennung und „Intelligent Learning“-Algorithmen von VIA die Erfassung defekter Wafer in der Produktion auf 99,9% KI-basierte Bilderkennung von VIA Technologies für Formosa Sumco Technology (Bildquelle: copyright – VIA Technologies) Taipeh (Taiwan), 14. November, 2019 – VIA Technologies, Inc. gibt bekannt, dass Formosa Sumco Technology (FST), ein taiwanesischer Anbieter von Siliziumwafer-Lösungen, KI-basierte Technologien … Weiterlesen »


ERS AirCool3 Thermal Wafer Chuck System maintains leadership in energy efficiency and cost-of-ownership

MUNICH – November 27, 2012 – ERS electronic GmbH, market leader in the field of Thermal Wafer Chucks in semiconductor production, will exhibit its successful AirCool 3 (AC3) wafer thermal test system at the Semicon Japan which will take place from December 5 to December 7 in Tokyo. Wafer test is a strategic element in … Weiterlesen »


ERS AirCool3 Chuck System boosts reliability, cuts operating costs

MUNICH – August 25, 2011 – ERS electronic GmbH, market leader in the field of Thermal Wafer Chucks, announced today its AirCool3 300mm Wafer Chuck System. The system offers very small to zero foot print for the associated chilling unit plus the capability to test power-dissipating semiconductor devices. Since it uses air instead of a … Weiterlesen »