Digital pre-op planning with mediCAD for mediDOK users

Digital pre-op planning with mediCAD for mediDOK users

hectec GmbH and mediDOK GmbH offer orthopedic practices “mediCAD Practice Hip/Knee“.

(Landshut) Since February, orthopedic surgeons who use mediDOK in their own practice or at a medical service center can perform digital pre-op planning directly from stored documents. The digital planning program mediCAD Classic 3.5 contains a database of implants with more than 80,000 products from more than 130 manufacturers around the world. The program is available both as an extension to existing mediDOK installations as well as a complete package from mediDOK partners.

A very large number of established doctors, outpatient clinics, and medical service centers already use the mediDOK image and document archive. Now, in collaboration with Hectec, new options are available. Improved assessment of the pathological anatomy results in higher quality and greater safety during the preparation and planning of operations. Digital planning on a computer screen also creates an additional layer of trust among patients. The surgeon can convey and demonstrate with greater detail how the surgery will proceed and why. Furthermore, seamless integration between the documentation system and planning system saves significant amounts of time and automatically handles all documentation requirements. According to Michael Neske, Director of Sales and Partner Management at Hectec:
“mediCAD gives doctors.the tools they need to plan operations and perform the operation safely. Their commitment to quality and detailed pre-op preparation is ensured to a very high level.”

mediCAD gives doctors access to a comprehensive database of implants. Hectec continually expands the database and even adds new manufacturers at the request of individual hospitals and doctors. This gives the doctors the security of knowing that they can examine and use even less common implants whenever necessary. Rainer Svojanovsky, co-Managing Director at mediDOK GmbH, explains: “mediDOK customers benefit in two ways from this collaboration. First of all, the products augment each other perfectly. And secondly, our customers receive the mediCAD planning solution at a very attractive package price.”

mediCAD contains a number of special features, such as bilateral deformity correction according to Dror Paley, automated corrective osteotomies near the hip joint, intertrochanteric osteotomies for planning of operative extensions of the femoral head into the joint socket on patients with hip joint dysplasia, and automatic detection of the calibration sphere, saving the surgeon the need to scale the image. The software even integrates mobile devices, giving doctors immediate access to planning data from virtually anywhere.

hectec GmbH has been continuously developing its “mediCAD Classic” planning solution since 1994. This digital solution integrates all planning methods and documents processes for legal security. “mediCAD Classic” is distributed exclusively through authorized partners. At the beginning of 2015, hectec GmbH collaborates with 120 sales partners around the world. In total, more than 20,000 users and 3600 hospitals around the world use the solution. It is based on a database of implants that contains items from more than 130 manufacturers. Besides implants, surgeons also have access to an extensive selection of osteosyntheses for planning purposes in mediCAD. In addition to their classic, well-established 2-D solution, Hectec also offers a 3-D version as well as a solution for mobile devices.

mediDOK GmbH is an independent, proprietor-operated software development company based in Dossenheim, near Heidelberg, Germany. For 15 years, their focus has been in the field of medical image archiving. With more than 10,000 systems sold, the mediDOK image and document archive is one of the leading software solutions for practicing doctors, outpatient clinics, and medical service centers. The mediDOK image and document archive is approved as a class IIb medical product according to Directive 93/42/EWC and contains connections to all common PVS systems.

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