e-Spirit: Efficient Content Management for Leuze electronic

Specialist in sensor and identification technology chooses FirstSpirit CMS

Dortmund, March 29, 2011 – Innovation and customer service are the driving principles at Leuze electronic: The company therefore opted to relaunch its company site to better enable it to provide its customers with even more clearly arranged information on its sophisticated technology portfolio through a modern and completely reworked site. To ensure that internal processes for managing corporate data become more efficient and that resources can be utilized more cost-effectively, the company is implementing the FirstSpirit content management system as a new technical basis for the corporate site and for the 17 country sites in 11 different languages. Partner for the implementation is the Reutlingen-based Internet agency 21TORR Interactive GmbH.

The solution from e-Spirit AG will serve as the integration platform and will integrate among other technology the product information management (PIM) system from Heiler. After the initial relaunch of leuze.de, the rollout is planned for the international sites and the development of an intranet using FirstSpirit. “We were looking for a flexible and easily extensible CMS solution we could use for efficient and central administration of all our editorial content,” says Volker Aschenbrenner, Director of Marketing Communication at Leuze electronic. “We have chosen FirstSpirit because it is a system that will enable us to consistently manage our future web projects in multiple languages, tailor content to local requirements in target markets much more easily, and utilize different channels and formats without having to store redundant data or manually migrate it from the PIM to the CMS. This seamless integration and the user-friendly editing process provided by FirstSpirit will enhance productivity for our team of 30 online editors and will help us to reduce costs.”

The Leuze electronic Group is an innovative technology company and specializes in the development, manufacture, and distribution of optoelectronic and inductive sensors, image processing, identification, and data transfer systems, as well as optoelectronic safety-sensor systems for industrial automation. Products from Leuze electronic are used in the automotive industry and in conveyor- and storage technology, as well as in printing machines or material and analysis technology. The company employs some 750 workers at 21 locations in 18 countries.

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As the manufacturer of the high-end Content Management System, FirstSpirit, e-Spirit AG is a technology leader in the European market. The company was founded in 1999 by former members of Fraunhofer ISST in collaboration with the IT service provider, adesso. In addition to the licensing business and FirstSpirit integration, e-Spirit AG also provides comprehensive support for complex Internet and intranet projects. Customers also benefit from the expertise of partner firms in consultation and implementation.
FirstSpirit is a high-end solution for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and for integration with complex system environments and portals. Sophisticated customers use the content management system (CMS) to publish a wide range of contents on almost any channel (Internet, intranet, extranet, PDF, e-mail newsletters, portals, DTP, technical documentation). Users rely on the product for optimal sophistication in usability, performance and integration capability, and investment security. In addition to complete out-of-the-box functionality, e-Spirit also integrates the innovative solutions of its technology partners into the basic modular structure of FirstSpirit.

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