ECM remains hot topic in Germany

Companies see ECM solutions for mobile devices and digital files as top trends of the branch. Only 4 out of 10 enterprises use ECM company-wide. This is a huge opportunity for new vendors, says bloodsugarmagic.

ECM remains hot topic in Germany

Most companies use ECM not as a company wide strategy but for single departments.

Villingen-Schwenningen (D), April 28th 2015 – The market for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions is still growing strongly. This is the result of a recent survey by the German high-tech association BITKOM. According to that study, there will be an approximate turnover of 1.8 billion Euros with hardware, software and services relating to ECM in Germany in 2015. That”s an increase of about 6 percent in comparison to the previous year.

“The amount of information that reaches the companies is permanently growing. ECM solutions make this flood of information controllable”, says Bernhard Zöller, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of the ECM competence center at BITKOM. “The digitalization of business processes in enterprises is mandatory for the digitalization of the economy.”

The BITKOM survey also provides information about the most important trends of the branch in 2015 based on topics mentioned by vendors. According to that, the most relevant topic in ECM solutions is support for mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers. 40 percent of the ECM companies questioned find this topic important and move towards this feature. Mobile use of ECM becomes more and more a commodity feature – at least, if you ask the vendors. If more and more (non-windows) tablets replace traditional laptops, there is a growing demand for ECM support for these devices.

Slightly less (37 percent) name digital files, such as the electronic personnel file or a customer record, as top trends. Other relevant topics are tools for the cooperation in teams and electronic invoice processing (26 percent each).

However, there still is a huge potential for growth. Most companies use ECM not as a company wide strategy but for single departments. Just 4 out of 10 use it company wide. This leaves room for improvement. For new vendors this is a huge opportunity to rip and replace legacy ECM systems used just by one or two departments. In addition to growing within existing customers there are many potential customers that have not yet selected ECM technologies.

“ECM is still a huge market in Germany”, says Bernd Hoeck, Managing Partner of the go-to-market specialist bloodsugarmagic. “We see quite some movement in the market. While some traditional vendors are struggling to keep up with customer demands, new vendors are bringing in fresh approaches. We see new local and foreign ECM vendors entering the DACH market.”

bloodsugarmagic has a long-standing experience in go-to-market services for the German IT market. We use influencer marketing, for example press relations, to establish a brand and reputation for our foreign customers. With our proven techniques we can help foreign IT companies to get a foot in the door in Germany and to be seen as a valuable partner for local IT companies.

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