ecoDMS Releases Version 16.09 (eleanor) for Windows, Linux and NAS

The new major release 16.09 (eleanor) of the successful, cross-platform archiving system ecoDMS with many new features is available now.

ecoDMS Releases Version 16.09 (eleanor) for Windows, Linux and NAS

scan, archive, manage all documents with ecoDMS.

Aachen (Germany), in October 2016. ecoDMS GmbH is releasing the new ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor) for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian, QNAP NAS and Synology NAS. The packages for MacOS are coming soon. ecoDMS expects the MacOS release during the course of the following weeks.

The current major release ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor) starts a new era of document archiving. ecoDMS customers can look forward to state-of-the-art technology and new archiving functions: A first class server technology with a secure, encrypted container storage system and automatic, time-controlled backup functions, a clipboard to create customized document portfolios, linking documents, new search and preview functions (for example shortcut search and keyword highlighting in the preview) an intelligent side panel and much more. This is just a small extract of what ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor) has on offer.

Being a client-server system, ecoDMS saves all settings, user data and classifications in a database. The archived files and documents are stored safely encoded in containers within the user’s ecoDMS server. Spreading information across containers and a database offers more security and flexibility when managing data.

In the Settings dialogue box, users can configure automated, time-controlled backups now. ecoDMS then performs the backup automatically at the specified time.

The side panel is already deemed to become a particular highlight for all ecoDMS Archive users. It displays on the right of the screen. Users can drag and drop files into the panel. Depending on the selection, ecoDMS Archive executes automatic pre-classification and archiving without any need for action by the user.

A further innovation is the integrated shortcut function. With a user-defined shortcut, users can start the ecoDMS full-text search from any application. The matching search results are immediately displayed in the ecoDMS archive.

If a document preview exists for a retrieved file, the recognised words from the full-text search are highlighted in colour in the preview window. A mouse-click takes users to the required passages.

The new combination of the archive client and the scan software makes archiving even more user-friendly and more convenient. Immediately after the scanning process, users can retrieve the documents on the Inbox tab in the ecoDMS Archive client. All archived text documents automatically undergo background full-text indexing and are available in ecoDMS Archive in the original scan format and also in the long-term archiving format PDF/A.

This is only an extract of the various innovations. You can find a full overview of the ecoDMS portfolio on the ecoDMS website.

ecoDMS can be installed on a server under Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, Raspbian and as Docker Image with NAS support for Synology and QNAP. The programme interface is available for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, web browsers, Android, iOS and soon for MacOS. The software is available for free download with a 30-day demo phase at

ecoDMS GmbH is an applord Holding Europe GmbH company. Since its foundation in 2014, the Aachen software company has been offering archiving software for private users, small-to-medium-sized businesses and large corporations. Powerful and practice-oriented functions, state-of-the-art technologies, platform-independent components, user-friendly interface and fair pricing are already inspiring thousands of customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. ecoDMS GmbH is renowned for its high degree of quality and service. Young, modern, and full of fervour, the company opens up new avenues in document archiving. A strong, motivated team is offering perfect all-round service.

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