Focusing on internet search: 4th Open Search Symposium

Science and business experts discuss solutions for a free web at the #ossym22 – October 10th to 12th, 2022 at CERN in Geneva

Focusing on internet search: 4th Open Search Symposium

ossym22 – the conference on open internet search

How can we create a more open and free internet – in line with its initial idea? For this target, internet search is the key technology. In addition to technical approaches, ethical and economic aspects as well as inspiring use cases will be discussed at the ossym22 conference. Participants can interact both in panel discussions and a workshop tackling more digital sovereignty at school.

Day 1: Technical solutions for more openness in internet search

On October 10th, keynote speaker Tomás Mikolov, expert for artificial intelligence, neural networks and machine learning at the Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics, will share his personal view on open search. Subsequent talks will offer insights into web mining, content retrieval and web analysis. This will include topics, such as deep learning, taxonomy filters, algorithms that safeguard privacy or affiliate marketing.

Day 2: New search engines and innovations in the open web

Three alternatives to Google & Co are on the agenda of the second conference day – among them Raphael Auphan, CEO of the search engine Qwant (Paris) and the Austrian entrepreneur, Dr. Isabel Claus, founder of They will give practical insights into the making of alternative search engines and illustrate the opportunities of open search.

These speakers from industry will be followed by researchers presenting studies, new concepts or cases in order to show how open internet search can enrich research communities and stimulate innovations. In between, a workshop will address pedagogical aspects of open search. Furthermore, IT-law specialist Kai Erenli from the University of Applied Sciences BFI (Vienna) will dedicate his keynote to the impacts of the Digital Services Act (DSA) on internet search.

Day 3: Quality and ethics of web search

Societal, in particular ethical aspects will be highlighted on October 12th: How can artificial intelligence be based on European values? How can we integrate an indicator for the provenance of online content (PVI) into open search, for instance in order to avoid fake news? And which measures support schools on their way to digital sovereignty? A panel discussion on „ethics of internet search“ complements Day 3.

Information and registration

The #ossym22 takes place at the CERN in Geneva and online. The conference will be held in English and is organised by the Open Search Foundation (OSF). Participation is open to everyone and free of charge.

Please register via the conference page –

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