HANA and Cloud: Team of SAP Technology Experts Moves to All for One Steeb AG

A turning point for SAP HANA operations in the private cloud / Greater co-operation with Cisco, NetApp and VMware / Joint Research & Development Lab at SAP Partnerport in Walldorf / Management and technology consulting by All for One Steeb under new Grandconsult brand

HANA and Cloud: Team of SAP Technology Experts Moves to All for One Steeb AG

Martin Finkbeiner / Grandconsult / All for One Steeb AG

Filderstadt, 07 February 2014 – The cards have been reshuffled. The advance of SAP HANA and SAP cloud solutions in conjunction with conventional SAP landscapes has become a real test for many data centers. When looked at carefully, only a very small number of leading specialists has a command of integrated virtualisation, automation and scaling within a highly industrialised system operations in the private cloud, and those many other new things to come. What initially began within major corporations may soon make its way to larger midmarket companies, and the related need for consulting is growing accordingly. This is why GOPA IT Consultants GmbH, Rüsselsheim, and All for One Steeb AG have agreed to the GOPA technology team being transferred to All for One Steeb. This consulting unit enjoys an outstanding reputation on the market and together with Cisco, NetApp, Dimension Data and Computacenter will bring established manufacturer and implementation partner relationships to All for One Steeb. For the GOPA IT consultants themselves, there is a clear strategy behind this move, namely that of concentrating on their core competencies of providing excellent management and business consulting.

All for One Steeb”s new Technology Consulting business unit not only serves its installed large enterprise customer base, well-known major corporations from the chemicals, automotive, healthcare, insurance industries and the public sector, but is increasingly advising and assisting larger midmarket companies as well. Here is where this SAP full-service provider serves the biggest installed customer base in the German-speaking market. Major corporations and small and mid-sized enterprises can learn a lot from one another when it comes to industrialising IT operations. This is why we are not simply a trusted advisor on strategic technology questions, but often tasked with going that last mile by implementing the solutions, is how Martin Finkbeiner, the head of the new unit at All for One Steeb, explained. NetApp and All for One Steeb have already concluded an expanded partnership agreement to provide even more comprehensive service to customers in terms of SAP HANA and SAP from the private cloud. Together with Cisco, a new and almost infinitely scalable technology platform for network communications between All for One Steeb”s two data centers was placed into operation. And, a Joint Research & Development Lab was occupied directly at the SAP Partnerport in Walldorf in order to stay on the cutting edge and maintain close feedback with SAP when developing new reference architectures and business solutions, such as HANA Tailored Data Center Integration.

We have been successfully serving the market for many years with a powerful unit that provides high-quality management consulting. Furthermore, such new initiatives as HANA and Cloud call for particularly close feedback between the business model, enterprise workflows and technology. Therefore we are investing to expand our service portfolio and have created a new brand with Grandconsult that equally represents our management and technology consulting services. All of this lets us better satisfy our customers” demand for a full-service provider with an enhanced and tightly interlocked portfolio, emphasised All for One Steeb CEO Lars Landwehrkamp.
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Die All for One Steeb AG zählt zu den führenden SAP Komplettdienstleistern im deutschsprachigen Mittelstandsmarkt. Das Portfolio des SAP Gold Partners umfasst ganzheitliche Lösungen und Leistungen entlang der gesamten IT-Wertschöpfungskette – von SAP-Branchenlösungen bis hin zu Outsourcing und Application Management. Als One-Stop-Shop für alle Services rund um SAP ist All for One Steeb verlässlicher Generalunternehmer für den Mittelstand und betreut mit rund 900 Mitarbeitern über 2.000 Kunden aus dem Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, der Automobilzulieferindustrie, der Konsumgüterindustrie, dem Technischen Großhandel und dem projektorientierten Dienstleistungsumfeld. Als Gründungsmitglied von United VARs, dem weltweiten Netzwerk führender SAP Mittelstandspartner, garantiert All for One Steeb in über 56 Ländern ein umfassendes Beratungs- und Serviceangebot sowie besten Vor-Ort-Support. All for One Steeb zählt zudem zu »Deutschlands beste Arbeitgeber« (Great Place to Work) sowie zu »Beste IT Berater für den Mittelstand« (TOP CONSULTANT).

Im Geschäftsjahr 2012/13 erzielte die All for One Steeb AG einen Umsatz von 186 Mio. EUR. Die Gesellschaft notiert im Prime Standard der Frankfurter Wertpapierbörse (ISIN DE0005110001, WKN 511 000).

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