KAYAK partners with QUICKET for seating data

Metasearch company expands customer services thanks to big data services from Munich – Novel approach forms base for lucrative additional revenue streams

KAYAK partners with QUICKET for seating data

To further enhance customer experience, KAYAK, one of the world”s leading travel search engines, is the first customer worldwide to apply the innovative technology of the German software start-up QUICKET. Primarily, the company from Munich provides KAYAK with information regarding seating and additional offers in over 23,000 aircraft from more than 400 airlines, which are fully integrated into the booking process. In this way, customers of the travel search engine can learn about their legroom, whether WiFi is available on their flight, how far the backrests recline and more.

Self-learning algorithms search the unique database which has been constructed, structured and optimized by the developers for years. On this basis, QUICKET can precisely display the seating configuration of an aircraft used on a specific route. The information is incorporated via the QUICKET application programming interface (API). KAYAK, in turn, can make the information available to customers via their portfolio of brands which includes KAYAK, momondo, Cheapflights, SWOODOO, checkfelix and Mundi. Outside of the classical GDSs, the wide range of accurate information about such a large number of airlines delivered by QUICKET is unique on the market.

“At KAYAK, we understand how important in-flight amenities are when choosing a flight. With QUICKET”s data-driven API, now when you search flights on KAYAK, customers can view the extra services that best match their needs,” says Matthias Keller, Chief Scientist at KAYAK. “We want to help take the guesswork out of what you get when you fly and QUICKET”s data helps us do that in a seamless way.”

Djois Franklin, co-founder and CEO of QUICKET, adds, “Every innovative technology needs open-minded pioneers that grasp opportunities as soon as they appear. We are therefore very happy that KAYAK has recognized and will exploit the potential of our services. In this way, KAYAK can offer the perfect decision-making tool to its customers for the booking of the ideal flight, while at the same time creating the basis for attractive additional revenues in a market environment characterized by increasing competition.”

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Our mission at KAYAK is to provide the world”s favorite travel planning tools. We operate a portfolio of brands including KAYAK, momondo, Cheapflights, SWOODOO, checkfelix, Mundi that together process over two billion consumer queries annually. KAYAK operates sites in more than 60 countries and territories and is an independently managed subsidiary of Booking Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: BKNG). For more information, visit www.KAYAK.com.

QUICKET ist ein in München ansässiger Software-as-a-Service-Anbieter (SaaS), der sich auf die Bereitstellung zuverlässiger Daten über Airline-Zusatzservices für die Reiseindustrie spezialisiert hat. Das Unternehmen setzt Technologien aus den Bereichen Big Data, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality und Connected Mobility ein und stellt eine API bereit, die es den Kunden von QUICKET ermöglicht, zahlreiche Informationen beispielsweise zu Sitzplätzen, WLAN, Verpflegung, Gepäck oder Priority Boarding flexibel abzurufen und den Endkunden über eine Vielzahl von Plattformen in nutzerfreundlicher Form anzuzeigen. QUICKET wurde 2012 von dem früheren Microsoft-Manager Djois Franklin sowie Fred Finn, dem Guinness-Rekordhalter für die meisten zurückgelegten Flugmeilen, gegründet. Die Mitarbeiter ihres internationalen Teams haben ihre Erfahrungen unter anderem bei Travelport, Intel, IDEO, Mercedes-Benz und Facebook gesammelt.

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