Switching from GEMED to Hectec’s mediCAD made easy

(Landshut) As of November of 2014, orthopedic surgeons and hospitals that use the GEMED planning modules from Allgeier Medical IT GmbH can easily switch to the latest version of the mediCAD digital planning solution from Hectec. The digital planning program mediCAD Classic 3.0 is based on a database with more than 80,000 implants from more than 130 manufacturers around the world.

A partnership agreement between Allgeier Medical IT and Hectec now integrates the digital planning tool directly into Allgeier’s PACS solution. As a result, hospitals in Germany that use GEMED to plan operations can switch seamlessly to Hectec’s mediCAD solution. According to Jörn Seel, Managing Director of Hectec GmbH, “A simple upgrade to mediCAD gives hospitals access to our database of implants. We continuously update this database and will even add manufacturers at the request of individual hospitals and doctors. This gives hospitals the security of knowing they can view and use even less common implants.”

mediCAD has a number of special features, including bilateral deformity corrections according to the Dror Paley method, automated corrective osteotomies near the hip joint, intertrochanteric osteotomy for planning operative lengthening of the femoral head into the socket on hip joint dysplasias, direct transfer of all planning data into EndoDok, and automatic detection of the calibration sphere, relieving the surgeon of the need to scale the image. mediCAD even integrates mobile devices, giving doctors the flexibility of accessing all of their planning data whenever and wherever it is needed. mediCAD sends any changes made on a mobile device directly into the PACS system, so even changes made on the fly are stored without risk of revisions.

hectec GmbH has been continuously developing its “mediCAD Classic” planning solution since 1994. This digital solution integrates all planning methods and documents processes for legal security. “mediCAD Classic” is distributed exclusively through authorized partners. As of late 2014, hectec GmbH collaborates with 120 sales partners around the world. More than 20,000 users and 3200 hospitals around the world use the solution. It is based on a database of implants that contains products from more than 130 manufacturers. In addition to implants, surgeons have access to an extensive selection of osteosyntheses for planning in mediCAD. In addition to its classic, well-established 2-D solution, Hectec also offers 3-D planning software and a solution for mobile devices.

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